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Osservatore Sportivo is a communication project linked to the world of Motorsport founded in Maranello, the home of Ferrari, in September 2018. Our goal is to convey the true essence of Motorsport and passion in our community, which expands thanks to the major social networks.

Within our team, founded by Fulvio Conti, a former Ferrari Formula 1 technician, you can find valid researchers who deal with the writing of the history of Motorsport and in particular of Formula 1, of the history of Ferrari, and a specialized team that follows the WEC championship.​

Since 2021, Osservatore Sportivo is a publishing house on its own.

Osservatore Sporivo promotes equal opportunities, without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, personal and social conditions. There is an internal Academy, which takes care of the training of its collaborators, teaching them how to use editing, programming and videomaking programs. By increasing their skills, they are taught how to manage stuff and work in groups. And more generally, it offers a familiar environment to all its collaborators.

The macro-areas are divided into four sectors: Website, Social, Network and Magazine. The Website takes care of writing historical articles. The Magazines keep you up to date with both Formula 1 and WEC races, offering: the Race Guide; the Formula 1 race recap; the Tech magazine (a special technical sector magazine) and The Ecologist (a monthly magazine that combines technical innovations with environmental protection). On our social networks you can discover curiosities or keep up to date with the latest news. Finally, the Network, where television series are created to tell you the true story of Formula 1, and all the curiosities collected by our historical research team.


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