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We seriously and firmly believe in the values we want to convey as a group so that it is not just a trend but actually transcends as a real social turning point. We believe in the value of the uniqueness of each individual person, a message that is not limited to the concept of equality, but on the contrary we encourage to embrace and value every kind of diversity as a quality and individual strength that each person brings. This group is founded on hard work and meritocracy, validating the qualities of its members, regardless of gender, race or social class, which is why we actively participate in the fight against racism, welcoming into our entourage collaborators of various nationalities, making every difference in cultural background a strength of Osservatore Sportivo. At Osservatore Sportivo, we repudiate all forms of discrimination, and as such we are committed to the fight for gender equity,​ convinced that the world of motorsport is not the exclusive prerogative of the male gender. We have carried out integration campaigns within our own team and demonstrated with great pride that women as well as men can cultivate a healthy passion for this sport, both as spectators and as protagonists in all respects. Motor racing as any other sport should also encourage integration, allowing fans to be able to venture into this world regardless of their economic possibilities, giving way to the more or less wealthy to be able to compete and live the sport as their passion.



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